Ragamuffin is  a cute cat breed that makes you fall in love easily. 

Each cat breed has a different size. Many people love small cat breeds because they are easy to care for and cute. While many people love big cats because they are fun to stroke. As we are going to introduce today, a cute cat breed that comes in huge size is  the Ragamuffin,  a cat that can weigh up to 9 kilograms at all. Are they as cute as their names? Today we will take everyone to get to know them more. 

Description and character of the Ragamuffin cat breed


Ragamuffin is a long-haired  cat  .From 5 kg to 7 kg. They are classified as long-haired and large-sized cats. Its life expectancy is around 12 to 16 years, and it can also adapt to living in a confined space due to its modesty. The use of low energy Neat with other people and owners Able to get along with people Don’t think about resentment So it’s very suitable for beginners. Excellent tolerance of stimuli Unfortunately, they are not very good at being alone, as they are affectionate cats who get so restless when left alone that they often exhibit unwanted behaviors such as couchsurfing. Although they have long fur, they can tolerate both hot and cold weather. Friendly with children, family and other cats. Because they love to mingle with others so we can easily bond with them. It can withstand children’s sound or children playing well. They get rid of cats, so we don’t recommend them for those with fur allergies. You also need to monitor your diet because gaining weight is easy. Makes you love to practice or play jumping regularly

Discover the history of the Ragamuffin cat breed.

Ragamuffin  is  a long-haired cat  that started from the Ragdoll breed, so they are very similar. Starting with the breed of ragdoll cats before, they are very similar. The history begins in the 1960s, and the history of California begins in the 1960s, California. It started as a cross between a Persian cat and a Burmese cat, and then evolved into different patterns and colors until it became a coincidence at the birth of the breed. 

The Ragamuffin cat breed has a large and long body with heavy bones and a long, fluffy tail. Which makes it look bigger than it really is 


Ragamuffin cat has a medium sized head. But thin hair makes the face look bigger. The ears are medium in size and set high on the head to give the face a triangular shape. Long, strong legs, well developed chin. Oval blue eyes

Ragamuffin comes in many colors and patterns. Some may have a similar pattern to the Ragdoll. If the spotted Ragamuffin has a light body that contrasts with darker accents such as the face or ears, while the two colored Ragdoll has black points. But it will appear in a V-shape on the forehead and belly. Four legged white leg tassels The striped ragamoven has a white chin and legs. Unlike ragdolls, Ragamuffins come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

The length of a ragamuffin’s coat can vary from medium to long. Hair will be soft and fluffy.


Ragamuffin is a calm cat. But we don’t limp when we’re pregnant. He’s calm and gets along well with the whole family. Able to adapt to changes in daily life so it is suitable for growing in an apartment

Depends on: 

Ragamuffin are prone to belly fat. Although this is an exception for this breed. But this is not an excuse to allow this breed to become obese. So it is wise to take care of his nutrition as well.

Exercise is essential for him to maintain his standard form. If necessary, arrange time to play with the caretaker.

The Ragamuffin’s coat, though, is dense and easy to care for. The coat should be brushed daily to prevent tangles.



A study of the history of the Ragamuffin should begin with the history of the Ragdoll, one of the most popular cat breeds. The history of ragdoll began in the sixties in California. This cat breed was born from interbreeding between a Burmese, a Birman, and a Persian, but the cat credited with being the origin of the Ragdoll, is a white cat named Josephine, and Ragdoll is considered Josephine’s daughter.

Ann Baker, Ragdoll breeder felt Josephine was a calm cat and would limp if picked, hence the name.

Although the developer of Ragdoll has not agreed on the way he wants it, but some groups are still breeding among ragdolls and want other colors and holes to be possible. As a result of this conflict, a new breed of Ragdoll serendipitously emerged from and differentiated from it.

This type is known as Ragamuffin. They are also classified as Josephine’s daughters.

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