Tips for preventing dogs from chewing on shoes and furniture

Tips for preventing dogs

from chewing on shoes and furniture 


Tips for preventing dogs from chewing on shoes and furniture
Tips for preventing dogs from chewing on shoes and furniture

All dog owners suffer from the problem of preventing dogs from chewing shoes and furniture because they chew the things around them,

as we find dogs go to the wardrobe to search for anything they chew .
For example, we find her pulling out a pair of your favorite shoes, then tearing them into several pieces with her teeth .
Some dogs also tear furniture, carpets, wooden tables, and others .

So what is the solution? Who is guilty?

Certainly, this problem is one of the common problems that many

people face, and some believe that the only culprit is the dog,
but of course there are those who left this behavior to fester, which is that since you did not train the dog well to perform the correct behaviors .
In order to prevent dogs from chewing shoes and furniture,

we will provide you with some tips that help you prevent a dog or puppy from chewing things that it should not chew :
Prevent dogs from chewing shoes and furniture

Be aware of the habit of dogs chewing things at an early age :

Try to treat your dog as you would a young child .
Always be attentive to him and follow what he is doing t

o protect him from the curiosity that sometimes possesses him and causes him harm

. Control the situation : If it is necessary to leave your dog alone at home, whether it is for a long or short period, you must take all your precautions . Make sure the place where the dog is is safe.

And make sure there are no things that the dog can chew on .
Because dogs and puppies usually chew things when they find themselves alone and suffer from boredom, especially if they are left alone at home without being

subject to the control of their owner .
To make up for the lack of things dogs can chew on and to ward off boredom

You can bring some toys suitable for the dogs’ ages. Choose toys made of compressed rubber, as they are safer for dogs

 Leave the dog something of his own :

What do you do if you intend to be away from the dog for a longer period?
If you decide to leave your dog for a longer period,

leave him something of your own to make him feel your presence beside him .
And do not try to bid him farewell, so as not to make him anxious and sad,

as this will make him whine, bark, and other destructive behaviors .
You can also leave the radio on to soft music to calm your dog and give him security .

Prevention is essential :

How do you protect your dog from putting different things in his mouth?
To prevent this,

make sure to keep all things that he can chew away from him, even those things that are placed on high places, where the dog can jump and reach them .
Among the most important things that the dog chews are children’s toys,

especially small toys, as well as clothes, socks and plastic bags .
You should also take care to keep jewelry and valuables away and put them in a safe place so that the dog cannot reach them

. Choose toys wisely : There are plenty of pet toys that are meant to be chewed and played with your dog’s safety in mind .

Training to chew the appropriate things : You must be careful to train the dog and teach him to chew the appropriate things only .

Before his training, he must have reached a stage of mental and emotional maturity sufficient to accommodate this training .
And in the pre-training period, you will always need to keep anything the dog can chew out of his reach . Modify the dog’s behavior: If you find your dog chewing on something inappropriate,

take it from him and tell him in a firm voice,

“No,” then turn his attention to something else he can chew . Thus, the dog will learn to chew the thing you chose for him and avoid chewing the other thing . It is one of the most important things a dog can chew

They are heavy rubber toys that the dog cannot tear or nylon bones that are safe and harmless at the same time .
But beware of bringing rubber toys

Light because it is not durable and can be chewed and swallowed by the dog easily .
You should realize that light toys that can be torn apart may cause the dog to suffocate and expose him to many intestinal diseases .
And to train the dog to chew the right things,

you must give him praise and praise once he implements the instructions .
 Do not give your dog old shoes to chew .

Don’t give your dog old shoes, old socks, or anything to chew on .
Because the dog will get used to doing this and you will find him putting expensive shoes in his mouth most of the time .

Create a healthy environment for the dog with all the elements of life : As your puppy matures, he will always need to live a real and normal life as possible . Provide nylon bones for the dog to attract his attention to i

t as much as possible and prevent him from chewing on unwanted things . Thus, the puppy will learn to ignore the prohibited things, and thus you will ensure his safety and the safety of your private property

. In order to let the dog act as it is and do a real life for it, show it that you are busy with something and monitor it without noticing it . Be sure to make the dog chew on the toys designated for this purpose, especially the nylon bones

And to train him to chew nylon bones

You can exit the room in which he is in for a few seconds and come back again .
If you find him chewing on taboos when you suddenly come back, scold him

Say “no” out loud and give him the nylon bone again .
With the repetition of this exercise, the dog will learn to chew the nylon bones and avoid the habit of chewing the forbidden things

Doing daily exercise : Make sure to make the dog do daily exercise, so that he does not feel bored .

Also, sports help to maintain the energy level and regulate the metabolism in the dog’s body so that it is at normal levels

. This is because boredom and high levels of energy lead to the dog performing dangerous and destructive behaviors .


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