The most beautiful animals in the world

The most beautiful animals in the world

 The horse is one of the most beautiful, powerful and majestic animals in the world. Their sizes vary between different breeds. different breeds. There are more than 300 known breeds of horses around the world, all used for different purposes. In the 19th century, horse breeding resulted in large, powerful horse breeds for use mostly in agricultural work.

Long, beautiful horses are found all over the world. In today’s video, we’re going to show you some of the tallest horse breeds in the world. Number 10. The Gypsy Horse. The Gypsy Horse, is a wonderful horse breed that is also known as the Irish or the traditional Gypsy.

It is a domestic horse breed that came from Ireland and Great Britain. This horse stands 56 to 60 inches in height or 14 to 15 hands long on his legs and his blue eyes add to his beauty. The Gypsy Horse has a broad chest and a muscular neck.

They are found in various colors such as white, black, chestnut, and bay suede. Gypsy horses are intelligent and easily trained. Gypsy horses are good pets and can also be used for riding and number driving. Nine, Percheron horse, Percheron, usually black or gray in color.

These horses are tall, intelligent, well-muscled, and willing to work. They average about 72 inches or 18 hands in height. The Percheron has a broad forehead profile, small ears, and large eyes. The Percheron is used in sledding, horseback riding, parades on the farm, forestry, and cart pulling.

This versatile horse breed can adapt to different environmental conditions. Number eight, the Friesian horse, the Friesian horse is very rare and one of the longest-running horse breeds in the world. It has a shiny coat with white markings due to its size. It has been used over the years as a battle horse due to its ability to take direction with ease.

They are often used on camera. Friesian horses are known to be good competition horses and recreational horses. Standing 60 to 64 inches or 15 to 16 hands in length, Number Seven, Dutch Draft Horse, Dutch Draft Horse – is a fine horse and stands 65 inches or 16 hands in length.

These horses have strong necks, sloping shoulders, and short backs. They have good stamina and calm temperament. The Dutch Draft Horse has a long working life and is also intelligent.

These tall horses are also economical and agriculturally used number six, the American Cream Horse. The American Cream Horse is an attractive large horse breed. It is cream in color with amber eyes, pink skin, white tails and white mane and markings.

This horse is 64 to 65 inches or 16 hands long. The American Cream has short sloping shoulders. Broad breast and strong back, the color ranges from light cream to rich golden. This large horse is easy to handle due to its calm nature.

The American Cream Horse is used for farming, riding work, and show horses. They have a life expectancy of about 20 years and can weigh up to 1,800 pounds. Number Five, the Belgian Draft Horse The Belgian Draft Horse is an amazing and gentle horse. This is a popular horse breed in the United States. It has a heavy body with thick muscles and short legs.

This horse is 17 hands or 68 inches high. A young horse grazes about 5 months old and is about 20 years old. The Belgian draft horse is used in competitive tournaments and jousts.

They have a reputation for being low maintenance horses, which is why this horse is often called the easy ranger number four. Suffolk Horse, The Suffolk Luncheon Horse is a very popular horse breed. The height of this horse among farmers is about 17 hands or 68 inches.

It has black or brown skin and dark brown eyes. They have main legs with a lighter tail and a lighter head. These horses like activity and are energetic and eager to work. Imported from Britain to the United States in the 1880’s Number Three, the heavy Russian draft horse.

The Russian Heavy Draw Horse is an elegant and powerful horse breed. These horses grow fast and live long. They are about 60 inches or 15 hands high.

The Russian Heavy Draft is known for its high milk yield. They have short, broad necks, chests, and long backs. The average life expectancy of this horse is 25 to 31 years. These tall horses are used to pull farm carts and for agricultural purposes.

The Russian Heavy Draft Horse is a calm, charismatic horse breed number two: the Clydesdale, the Clydesdale is a tall, agile breed of horse weighing approximately 2,000 pounds. It has a thick coat and belly, a white face and white feathers on its feet. They have a broad muzzle, a broad forehead, and a long, arched neck. These horses are used for agricultural purposes, driving logging and hauling coal because of their intelligence.

This tall horse can be easily trained. The clydesdale is about 72 inches or 18 hands long. They consume more food than other horses because of their large, broad bodies, and their life expectancy is anywhere from 20 to 25 years. Before we reveal number one, be sure to check out our other great videos.

Give us a like and tell us in the comments which of these tall horses is your favorite and number one. Shire, Shire is a striking horse breed and holds the record as the tallest horse breed in the world. It has webbed feet and a long, very long mane.

They are about 72 inches long or 18 hands long due to their ability to keep their cool on the battlefield. Originally developed as war horses, they come in different colors, such as bay gray and black. These powerful horses can pull up to 17 tons. 

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