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Reasons why cats are constantly hungry

Reasons why cats are constantly hungry

Reasons why cats are constantly hungry
Reasons why cats are constantly hungry

My cat is never full. Is there a solution for this? I offer her all kinds of food, and when she finishes eating she never mind sharing my own food with me.. Is this normal?

This was the complaint of Muhammad, the owner of the cat Max, who weighs 5 kilograms and is three years old .
This complaint and others are very frequent, especially when your attachment to your cat increases.

You will notice that she always makes sounds indicating hunger, even if she ate a short time ago .
There is a downside to cats’ binge eating.

In addition to the risk of obesity, there are many risks such as heart disease and diabetes in cats.
Of course, we are talking here about gluttony that is not accompanied by significant weight loss. But if you notice weight loss in your cat, you should pay attention, because this may be an indication of disease.
In this article, we will mention to you different ideas for treating the problem of binge eating in cats and the reasons why cats feel constant hunger.

My cat is never full.. 3 main reasons

What causes the emergence of the problem of binge eating in cats?

The problem of cats not feeling full, or the problem of gluttony in cats, has more than one explanation. In general, it will not deviate from these reasons  :

Hyperactivity and movement

Because the excessive movement of cats, especially those cats that change their life behavior, change their place of residence, or change the place or time of their meals, they may suffer from the problem of constant hunger, so you must make sure that your
cat’s food is appropriate to the degree of activity that it performs. Of course, cats, like humans, need quantities Suitable calories until you do your daily activity .
This amount is determined by your veterinarian based on your accurate description of your cat’s condition and activity .

Abnormal behavior or psychological cause


Some Siamese cats showed unprecedented gluttony, and by examining them, it was found that they had abnormal feeding behavior .
This behavior is represented in the cats eating whatever food they reach, whether it is appropriate or not, as well as aggressive behavior at the time of eating .
In addition, the cats were deliberately attracting the attention of their owners and meowing continuously and loudly all the time,
and the solution to the problem was to set a strict schedule for feeding and playing.

And restricting the movement of cats and not allowing them to be hyperactive and showed a significant improvement in that. Therefore, establishing a food schedule appropriate to the needs of cats is one of the most important solutions to the problem of cats not feeling full

Cat suffering from diseases that cause constant hunger

There are some diseases that cause your cat to feel constant hunger. These diseases may not show all of their symptoms or appear unnoticed.
One of these diseases is hyperthyroidism,

Which causes your cat to appear hungry all the time, and is never satisfied .
Likewise, diabetes in cats may cause the same problem of constant hunger, as well as excessive drinking of water .
Therefore, one of the important solutions is to do a comprehensive examination of the liver and kidney functions of your cat, and to ask the doctor who specializes in that .

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