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how to take care of cats

how to take care of cats


9 ways to raise cats at home How to raise a cat to be happy

          Raising cats in apartments, rooms, or homes often has many restrictions, different from raising them freely . Because there is ample space to roam around and encounter more diverse environments, therefore, the way to raise a cat at home is more attentive, otherwise it may cause the cat in a good mood to become a lonely cat. And on how to keep cats indoors to be happy. Today, jar dot com brings together for you.
1. There is a corner to sit and enjoy the view. 
how to take care of cats
how to take care of cats
          For a bench that overlooks the cat’s view in the country, it is often preferred to set up a covered porch or a small greenhouse-like gazebo in front of the house for the cats to sit and enjoy the view. Look at the birds in the front yard. This will make it safer for the cat to go outside. If any cat slave has a low budget you can create a simple vantage point by installing a wall shelf along the windowsill and placing soft cushions, giving your cat a vantage point.
2. Apply balm to cats to sharpen their nails.
          Another problem that cat slavers have to face are scratches on the furniture from cat claws. It’s not that they are spoiled. What kind of things do you like to destroy? But it is the nature of cats to sharpen their claws all the time. Therefore, cat slaves should also find a cat nail sharpener. To which the cat house responds very well, the cat will be able to climb, play and sharpen its claws at the same time. You can buy these at pet stores or you can make your own.

3. There is a variety of gameplay.

          Litter-raised cats develop relatively faster in different areas than indoor cats. Given the ability to explore and do different activities independently, for cats that live in the house, there will be limitations in this matter. However, owners can stimulate their cat’s senses with toys. By choosing a variety of toys whether it be a cat lure, a mouse dummy, or maybe something easy to find, like a bag or box, etc.
4. Grow cat grass for cats to chew on. 
how to take care of cats
how to take care of cats
          Many cat groomers are probably familiar and known that your cat will enjoy sniffing and chewing grass or small plants to keep her healthy. For homes or apartments that don’t have a yard for cats to chew on. Instead, grow cat grass in a small pot indoors. The plants that cats like to eat are silver bamboo, wheatgrass, etc.
5. Turn on the TV to watch.
          Cats pay attention and alert creatures to moving objects. Like the leaves and birds on the trees by the window, cats can sit and stare for a long time. But for tall apartment windows, there may not be birds or leaves for cats to sit and look at. Cartoons on TV make cats sit and watch too.
6. Have time to play too.
          Because cats are social animals and they love to play. The owners must have time to play with the cats every day. Not just letting the cat play with toys. You can carry many cat toys to play with the cat. The more variety, the more cats you will love. You will be able to play with different games and you will not get bored either.

7. Take it out to open your eyes.

          Keeping cats indoors doesn’t mean just leaving them home alone. But you should take the cat to open some eyes for those who live in areas where dogs do not roam. You can lead the cat for a walk in the garden. Before taking the cat out for a walk outside the house, you should practice getting used to wearing a leash around your neck when walking. Or if there is someone in the house responsible for the local dog in Ben Yah Alley maybe take the cat for a lead instead.
8. Clean regularly
          Nobody knows the smell of cat poop like Abdul the Cat. Cat litter that helps remove odors is sometimes still not removable. For cats that are kept open, you may not be too anxious about this. Because the cat will come outside anyway. How to reduce bad odors for domestic cats This can be done by extracting the litter. Add and/or replace cat litter. Clean the cat’s litter box regularly. Choosing foods that reduce the smell of cat litter is another way to help, too.

9. Food 




          It is important to choose food. Because cats are carnivores, an appropriate diet should be high in protein and nutrients that meet the cat’s needs at every stage of life. The food chosen should contain high quality protein, such as instant cat food with chicken as the main ingredient. It is a high quality protein and rice, an easily digestible source of carbohydrates and the nutrients can be absorbed by the cat’s body for good use.
          In addition, you should choose what is suitable for the age and lifestyle of the cat, for example, if it is a cat that is raised at home. You should choose food specially formulated for domestic cats. Cat food, such as Me-O® Gold, cat food for indoor cats. Food containing yucca extract that helps reduce stool odor, reduce bad breath, healthy gums and teeth with sodium. Hexametaphosphate and cellulose fibers because the cat needs to be close to us. Therefore, cleanliness and the environment are important.



how to take care of cats
how to take care of cats
          There are also other formulas to choose from for a variety of needs. Me-O® Gold Persian Cat Food has been specially developed for all Persian and Longhair cat breeds. There are important features. Helps prevent clogged hairballs with natural fibers. Support a healthy skin and coat with omega 3 and 6, organic zinc and biotin.

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