Clean the dog and wash his skin

Clean the dog and wash his skin

Clean the dog and wash his skin
Clean the dog and wash his skin

This question may seem somewhat difficult, as the dog’s use of regular shampoo may have far-reaching consequences.

You should know that the skin of dogs and cats is very sensitive, so it may harm them

Use human detergents because human bodies can bear a higher pH than that of dogs and cats.

So how can this be avoided and maintain the pH of the dog’s skin

If you do not have a special shampoo for dogs and you need regular soap instead of a dog shampoo, should you bathe your dog?

Let’s first admit that regular human shampoo helps clean the dog’s skin, but is it beneficial for your dog ?

What is the dog’s skin generally made of?

Skin is an important component of all living organisms.

The skin is covered with a slightly acidic layer.
This layer acts as a barrier that protects the upper porous layer of the skin from environmental pollutants, bacteria and various viruses.
The stratum corneum of the skin is responsible for keeping the outer layer well hydrated by absorbing water and not allowing it to evaporate excessively.
When we shower using soap and shampoo,

these substances come on the acidic layer of the skin, as they moisturize the skin.
This protective acid mantle is then replaced and regenerated again after approximately 12 hours.
If the stratum corneum of the skin is left unprotected,

it becomes vulnerable to germs and microorganisms that make it appear dry and cause skin breakouts.

The appearance of skin scales, rash and itching.

We can also define the acid mantle as the relative pH balance of the skin, the PH levels range from zero to 14 degrees.
Whereas, a degree of 6 indicates that the acidity is high,

and more than that indicates a high alkalinity. It is known that the normal range of pH in human skin is from 5 to 6. This
means that human skin tends to be acidic.

, that’s why leather care products were created

Especially to maintain the acid balance of the skin.
As for dogs, we must also be careful to make the acidity balanced in the dog’s skin, and this is based on the dog’s breed , sex, size, and surrounding climate.
The acidity levels in the dog’s skin (PH) must range between 5 and a half to 7 and a half

They tend to be more alkaline. So if you’re using regular human shampoo on your dog’s skin, that’s it

It will make his skin more acidic and thus expose him to more harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses.

What if the dog’s skin is constantly being washed from time to time?

Many dog ​​owners wash their dog’s skin a lot

Time to time to get rid of the smell of dog skin belief

One of them is that the smell is due to the bacteria spread on the skin, but this poses a great danger to the dog.
As this increases skin problems and leads to a clear hydrogen imbalance.
From the foregoing, we conclude that the use of regular human shampoo on the dog’s skin leads to dry skin and itchy skin that makes it scratch its skin from time to time.
Doing so makes his skin vulnerable to harmful bacteria that invade the skin and negatively affect his health.

Therefore, you must be well aware of the basics of health care in Alif

What materials can you use to wash and clean your dog’s skin?

If you are looking for a suitable shampoo for your skin, we advise you to choose a suitable type of shampoo to maintain the hydrogen balance in your scalp.
The same goes for your dog’s skin.

Whereas, the dog shampoo must be neutral, balanced, and with an appropriate pH.
We also advise you to read the labels written on dog shampoos and make sure that there are no artificial fragrances and colors that are usually added to shampoos.
And your dog may be suffering from skin allergies

And here he needs to use natural skin

moisturizers such as vitamin E

And aloe vera or honey, as well as healthy tea tree oil.
It is essential that the perfumes used in this matter be completely natural.
Among the most important of these natural perfumes are chamomile and lavender perfumes

And camphor, and various citruses, and all natural, clean, sweet-smelling perfumes.
Some types of natural perfumes do the double task of perfuming the dog and repelling harmful insects from his skin.
Therefore, if you want to get the appropriate shampoo and perfume for the dog, you must be careful to read the ingredients and make sure that the shampoo and perfume do not contain harmful substances.

How often should we be careful to clean the dog and wash his skin?

The dog does not need to wash his skin with shampoo constantly, but we can clean the dog’s skin with shampoo every few months.
And between each use of shampoo, you can bathe the dog with plain water until the effect of the shampoo and its components that may harm the dog’s skin and fur in the long term evaporate.
With little use, you will find yourself consuming one bottle of dog shampoo over a year.
This question may seem somewhat difficult.

A dog’s use of regular shampoo may have far-reaching consequences.
You should know that the skin of dogs and cats is sensitive

Therefore, the use of human detergents may harm them, because human bodies can bear a higher pH than that of dogs and cats.

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