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Dig into 10 cat breeds and habits that cat lovers should know!

Cat slaves gather here. Because today we’ve rounded up popular cat breeds for all to see. With the habits of every breed

Cat slaves like us, where do you meet the siblings? My heart melts every time. But sometimes we don’t know what breed of cat we meet. Today, Wongnai Beauty has collected the popular breeds that people are famous for. With the habits of each cat breed, but what types are there? Will it be the breed we raise or not? Let’s go and see together.

Persian cat


The Persian  is the queen of cats from the Middle East. I grew up in the Persian region. Or Turkey and Iran were the first foreign cat breeds to be imported into Thailand. This breed is popular among cat lovers. Cute face, fluffy hair, and a very cute personality


Medium to large in size,
they have large, strong bones , a round
head and face
, a prominent forehead, full cheeks, large round eyes, and a broken nose
. When viewed from the side, the point between the nose and the forehead is clearly visible.
When viewed from the front, you can see a line between the eyes.
a personality

Nice personality easy to get along with annoying
sycophant and she is a very caring witty

Special care should be given to the coat, brushing the hair, wiping the face and tear spots every day.

british shorthair

American shorthair cat 


The American Shorthair is an American breed that hails from European countries. Spread to America It is a Native American Shorthair .


There are medium to large sizes.
Physique, strong muscles, clearly visible,
large breasts, large legs,
ears with a rounded edge.
The head has an oval shape.
Large, round eyes of emerald green, and over 80 different coat colors and body shapes.
a personality

She is a curious, playful and charming .
Very difficult to train. Owners should socialize and spend plenty of time with their cats.
He has a hunting instinct, loves chasing insects, watching
caring birds

Hair should be combed frequently and weight controlled. Do not exceed the standard

Scottish cat


Scottish cats or folded ears because they are inferior genes. But it makes the of this breed round-headed like an owl.


It is divided into two types, short hair and long hair.
Both species have round bodies, round heads, short necks, large round eyes, and erect ears for folded ears.
The nose is curved broadly to meet the eyes.
Some have a curved mouth that fits the chin perfectly. Hence the origin of the nickname Smiling Cat or Smiling Cat.
a personality

It’s a  that doesn’t make much noise.
Likes to play only when the owner joins in to play.
Smart, kind, curious and not shy.
Some people may not like sleeping on their lap. choosing to stay close to the owner instead of

Hair should be combed once or twice a week, and do not shower often. Rather, the ears must be cleaned. Because the ears are folded, dirt easily accumulates.

siamese cat

Siamese cat 


The Wichianmat (Siamese)  is a Thai that is well known to foreigners as the Siamese or Siamese . He will become noble because he considers Wichianmas cats to be fortune cats.


There are 9 dark brown spots on the body, including the four toes. The tips of both ears, the tip of the tail, the nose and the genitals
Whether the  is a Wichianmat mixed with any breed You will get color by pattern

She is a fairly intelligent, friendly and communicative .
Interested in the surroundings. It is also classified as a chatty .

Wichianmas are classified as short-haired cats. Able to lick hair and take care of grooming yourself
Take a shower once a month Otherwise, clean your ears, trim your nails, and take care of your teeth.

hairless cat

Sphinx cats 


Sphinx (Sphynx) is a hairless . It makes it look special unlike other types. But in reality, sphinx cats have fluffy hair on their noses and behind their ears.


It is a medium-sized with hairless or thin hair on the nose and behind the ears.
There are many colors and patterns on the skin. Long lifespan up to 15 years.
a personality

An active , inquisitive cat
who loves to socialize and meet new friends.
Likes to sleep in bed with a
caring owner

Take care of bathing and cleaning, but it should not be too frequent, one to two to three months.
The skin must be taken care of so that it does not burn in the sun. or exposure to cold weather

British Shorthair cat 


The British Shorthair (British Shorthair) is the oldest breed of with a large face in the British Isles. The dominant and unique color of this species is blue. or dark grey


It is a compact, well-balanced and powerful .
The chest is full and broad, the legs are short, the paws are round, and the tail is thick and round.
A round head with small ears, a short neck, enlarged cheeks, a bushy chin, and large eyes.
The nose is very short, and the fur is thick and short.
They have an average lifespan of 15-20 years.
a personality

Friendly to people and other animals,
easy to adapt to the environment. Therefore, this breed of  is rarely seen making noise. Or destroy visible objects
Warm, calm, cuddly,

It should be combed with a wide-toothed metal comb once or twice a week, nails trimmed, and tear spots wiped clean. And take care of your teeth naturally

maine coon

Maine Coon cats


Maine Coon is a cute big . He was given the nickname Gentel Giant.


Large, proportional, elegant, strong
body weight around 12-15 kg.
A face like a wild  He has a mane like a lion
Hair still grows at the tips of the ears.
a personality

Have a cheerful, playful and cheerful disposition.
Friendly, sociable, intelligent and polite to people around them and other animals.

Care must be taken for the coat because it has two layers of fur, which must be combed every day.
Take care of nails, ears and teeth, there should be enough space for climbing and exercise.

bengal cat

Bengal cat 


Bengal (Bengal) is a with beautiful patterns. It resembles a small tiger cub, born from the mating of a stellate  and a domestic of the Egyptian Moor dynasty (Egyptian Mau).


They are fairly medium to large cats.
The head is longer than it is wide.
She has a pronounced musculature like a wild cat.
When viewed from the side, the hips are higher than the shoulders, the tip of the tail points downward, short rounded ears, oval eyes, and a mouth and nose that are more round than that of a domestic cat.
There is a distinctive feature in the fur pattern resembling a wild cat. Also known as marble pattern.
a personality

You have a gentle personality, not fierce, and friendly to everyone.
A naughty cat because they love to chase things, like going upstairs on a regular basis.
He also likes to play in the water a lot.

Easy to care for, natural hair loss and special attention should be paid to food

Strange cat


An eccentric is a grumpy  with a broken nose, and smooth fur, descended from two breeds between the Persian  and the American Shorthair .


Exactly like Persian cats
Round head, large skull, small round ears, slightly broken nose.
Except for the short hair, thick and soft as velvet.
a personality

She is a sweet, gentle, affectionate who wants attention.
Loyal to the owner, not angry, patient and

Short hair is easier to care for than Persian hair. But you have to keep cleaning and wiping the tear stains.

munchkin cat

American Curl


The American Curl (American Curl) is a  with two ears, not because of disability. But it is a breed of cat American Curl. The word curl comes from the shape of the ears.


Walnut-shaped eyes, a long tail, and long, shiny fur.
Size is classified as a small to medium sized cat.
Males are larger than females.
An American Curl cat will only make a soft throaty sound.
a personality

Friendly, adaptable, intelligent, and playful, he earned the nickname Peter Pan.

Because there are short hair and long hair. Combing also depends on the type of hair. In addition, the ears must be carefully cleaned. Trim your nails and brush your teeth.


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