Can dogs taste food ?

Can dogs taste food ?

Can dogs taste food?
هل تستطيع الكلاب أن تتذوق الطعام؟

You should know that each of the dogs has certain types of food that they like to eat

so you should also know how to  choose dog food

But sometimes we may notice that the dog does not eat his food well,

In this case, we must try to encourage him in any way.

Have you ever heard that cats don’t eat their food easily? Surely you’ve heard this, and it’s because they’re very discerning and have a keen sense of taste.

But for dogs it is completely different, as they eat almost anything,

Whether or not these things are edible .

We may also find her eating things like tennis balls, socks, hair, or cow droppings.

Do dogs have taste buds in their tongues?

Dogs do indeed have taste buds, but when compared to the buds in humans,

they represent about 15% of them, so we can say that dogs taste

It’s like tasting for a person with the flu to the point where he can’t distinguish foods very much.
But this may make it more confusing, so what makes foods delicious in a dog’s mouth?
Dogs can taste sweet, salty, or sour things.

But the smell excites her more than anything else and even more than the taste itself.
If there is a food that smells good to the dog

, then the dog is more likely to eat it than others, and the texture or taste of the food may play a big role in this as well.

What foods do dogs like to eat?

Most dogs eat a lot of different foods and flavors of food, and dogs accept new foods easily.
But there are some types of dogs that prefer eating foods over other foods for many reasons.
There are some indicators that help us know the foods that the little puppy will prefer to eat in the future through his diet.
One of the most important of these pointers is to offer your puppy a variety of foods, including dry and canned foods.
Just like an adult dog, a puppy is likely to try different foods.
The smell of canned food is strong for him,

so sometimes this food is more tempting to him, especially if he is a picky puppies.

How does fresh food affect a dog’s appetite?

Another factor that drives dogs to eat is fresh food with a strong smell and delicious flavour.
As the dog does not accept to eat foods with bad smell and unwanted flavor.
Dry dog ​​food is known to remain usable for about a month after opening the bag.
For this reason, care must be taken to close the food bag tightly to keep it fresh at all times.
But if you prefer to transfer the food to another plate or container, this container must be airtight and with a tight-fitting lid.
Although the idea of ​​buying dog food in bulk

It is an economic idea,

but it may be dangerous to the health of the dog

if you do not pay attention to the expiration date and the storage method to keep it in good condition that does not cause malnutrition in dogs  . 

What is the shelf life of canned dog food?

In general, the shelf life of unopened canned food is about two years,

after which the vitamins begin to disappear and the food becomes useless for dogs.
After opening the food, we must make sure to cover it well and store it in the refrigerator for a period not exceeding 5 days.
Because if the period is longer than that, the food will not have a strong smell, and in this case we may need to add warm water to it or heat it slightly in the microwave until it regains its smell again.
You must also be careful not to offer the food to the dog too hot so as not to cause its mouth to burn.
Can temperatures affect a dog’s appetite?
Environmental temperature can affect a dog’s appetite.

If it is hot outside and the dog is panting from the high temperature

, then in this case we find that he does not want to eat..
Extreme cold temperatures can also reduce the dog’s desire to eat,

as he loses his appetite and is less attracted to foods of all kinds when he is His body is cold.

 Does salt, onions or spices increase the dog’s appetite for food?

Some believe that salt, spices, onions, garlic, and other additives can open up dogs’ appetites for all kinds of food.
But it is quite the opposite, as dogs do not tend to eat salty foods.
Although salt is an essential part of the dog’s diet,

It should be in a very small amount that is not mentioned, as if it is increased or even present in the same proportion as human food, it is not desirable for them.

The most dangerous thing is onion and garlic, because it is toxic to dogs.

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