Obi-Wan Kenobi movie trilogy plan derailed by bad ‘Solo’ box office hit, says ‘devastating’ screenwriter

It was “single: a star Wars a story” Not disappointed at the box office in 2018and then “Obi-Wan Kenobi“Maybe it was a full movie trilogy rather than a Disney+ limited series of six episodes. Screenwriter Stuart Beattie has a ‘Story From’ and/or writing credits on multiple Obi-Wan episodes, but recently said direct It has nothing to do with Disney +. The credit for Beattie has been carried over from his work crafting the first film in the intended “Obi-Wan” trilogy.

“I wrote the movie they based the show on,” Betty said. “I spent almost a year, a year and a half working on it. Then, when the decision was made not to do more spin-offs after showing Solo, I left the project and went for other things. Joby [Harold] He came and took my texts and turned them from two hours to six. So, I didn’t work with them at all, I got credit for the episodes because they were all my stuff.”

Petty said his original Lucasfilm show “Obi-Wan” was, “Three stories because there are three different evolutions the character must make to go from Obi-Wan to Ben.” [in ‘A New Hope’]. The first was the first movie and it was a show that was “Submission to the Will to Power”. Transfer your will, surrender to your will. Leave the child alone.”

“Second [movie] He was thinking about where Kenobi would end up,” Betty continued. “And one of the most powerful and perhaps the most powerful moments in all of Obi-Wan’s story is that moment in which he sacrificed himself in A New Hope. The great moment, you know, makes you cry. But, if you stop and think about it, it will be very surprising, to fight a man of sorts, to see Luke and go, “I’m going to die.” You know, that to me, it takes forethought. It requires pre-acceptance that this is going to happen.”

Betty’s second “Obi-Wan” movie will follow the character coming to terms with his own mortality, giving more clarity to his “A New Hope” sacrifice. The film “will get him to the point where Obi-Wan accepted the idea that he was going to die, that he would die voluntarily at a crucial moment.” The second “Obi-Wan” movie hadn’t moved into development as Beattie was still working far from the first movie when the studio pulled the plug.

“It was ‘Solo’ that changed the direction of the system,” Betty said. “Personally, I love Solo’s song, but it didn’t make a lot of money…we definitely crushed. Devastating, utterly destructive. But, that’s business, you know, the highs and lows. I’m glad it was made. I’m glad the show was made. I’m proud of my story [got] Tell. I’m glad my characters have all gone through it. And I’m glad I got credit for that. I wish, I wish they were able to make my films.”

Petty confirmed that the film’s original plan was for a “complete trilogy,” adding that Ewan McGregor was on board with the plan. The screenwriter said that if he had the opportunity to “have something to do with it .” the second season From “Obi-Wan”, then he will relaunch his idea for the second film dealing with the theme of mortality. “Obi-Wan” is billed as a limited series, but McGregor is already playing for more.

“I really hope we can do something else,” McGregor said recently. British GQ. “If I can do one of these now and then – I’ll be happy about it.”

All six episodes of “Obi-Wan Kenobi” are now broadcasting Disney +.

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