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Nearly two years passed between the release Umbrella AcademySeasons 2 and 3 – and it looks like Ben Hargrave used that hole Get a haircut.

Of course, there was a lot going on during the season three premiere of the drama on Netflix — most notably, tripartite freestyleInspirational dance sequence – You won’t be blamed for overlooking some episode details. But when revisiting the final moments of the season two finale, when the Sparrow Academy was first introduced, we noticed that something had changed when the season three opener began with the exact same scene: Ben was no longer sporting the long, asymmetrical bangs he had. Originally ostentatious in the second year finale, the actor Justin H. who It couldn’t be more exciting than a change.

“You know, they talk about the happiest day of your life,” Main jokes, reflecting the day Ben’s do changed during production of Season 3. “The bangs were great, but they had to go. They kept falling out. Filming that was going to be a nightmare, so the hair rose, and we called it the day.”

The diversion came from series creator Steve Blackman, who jokes to TVLine that he “can’t stand” the piece of hair used in Min for the Season 2 Final, resulting in a hairstyle change that he says deserves the continuity fault between episodes.

“We shot it [original] A scene on the last day of season two, and I didn’t want them to do that with his hair,” Blackman shares. “It’s meant to be ongoing. [into Season 3], but… I wanted to change it. And so did Justin, so we did a little flip for that.”

Maine adds that because he shaved his head while in quarantine during the pandemic, tying Ben’s long bangs to a buzz cut would have been more impractical than ever.

“It could have been really difficult,” he admits. Thank you, Steve Blackman, for making this executive decision.

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