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An angry mother of four contemplates severing ties with a group of her classmates fathers and mothers After they failed to detect it Their daughter had chickenpox in a clinically compromised position Baby Dangerously vulnerable to the virus.

Vaccines Played an important role in changing the impact of chickenpox in US data from Center for Disease Control Shown before the introduction of the US vaccination program in 1996, chickenpox resulted in more than 10,000 hospitalizations and 100 deaths each year, with more than 4 million people becoming ill. virus.

Since then, however, there has been a 90 percent reduction in chickenpox-related deaths as well as 84 percent fewer hospitalizations and 92 percent fewer cases. It’s a very positive turnaround, but there is still some caution when it comes to dealing with the outbreak of the virus, as the story of one angry mother demonstrates.

Stocked image of a woman showing anxious next to a sick little girl – A woman reacts forcefully after the host of a slumber party her daughter recently attended discovers a secret she has had chickenpox.
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Writing in a post shared with Mumsnet under the title JustLyra, the woman explained that her youngest child is clinically extremely vulnerable and has “many health issues” which means she is “unlikely to reach adulthood” and that the family had to be “Very anxious her whole life.”

Despite this, the mother said she always tried to find a “balance between protecting her, but making sure her siblings don’t live too limited lives.” Part of that has always been that any other parents looking to get their kids involved in the activities simply give them an ‘alert’ if there are any potential issues so they can ‘assess the risks’.

This system seemed to work so well that even one of their other daughters, who is 8 years old, She slept at her friend’s house. When they first dropped her off, there were no problems, with the baby’s parents insisting that “there’s no cough or cold or anything in their house” when she went.

However, only a few days later, the mother received a letter telling them their birthday The girl had chickenpox. Their daughter soon got the disease, with their youngest child at risk clinically compared to the virus. The latter contracted a “serious illness” and spent six days in hospital.

However, the mother had no problem with it, concluding that it was just “one of those things and it can’t be helped.” except as possible.

A few days later, I learned from a mutual friend that the birthday girl’s mother was feeling guilty because they knew she had chickenpox “before the party” but decided “not to say anything” because they “really wanted” their daughter to have a fun birthday.

While the girl’s father has since apologized for the affair, the mother said it “doesn’t really make things okay” and she’s not ready to forgive or forget anytime soon. “I don’t want to do anything with them again,” she said. “I don’t trust them and am angry that they would risk taking someone else’s child, especially in our situation.”

NEWSWEEK Contact JustLyra for comment.

Social media He was similarly unequivocal in his assessment of the situation.

BMW6 described their actions as “totally unforgivable”, with Outlookmainlyfair writing: “Why pay [for] a friendship When their self-centeredness caused your child to be hospitalized.”

Margos Kaftan urged the mother to “cut it out”, adding: “I will never speak to them again and they certainly cannot be trusted with another child.”

Derbs agreed that their actions were “unforgivable” and said she hoped the other mother would learn something from the experience. “I hope she freaks out and that this prevents her from doing something like this again,” she wrote. Completely selfish behaviour.

Butitsnotfunnyisititsserious also concluded: “It is incredibly selfish for a parent of a child known to have chickenpox not to advise others that they are destined to be there…there is no apology in the world that would make me remain friends. Being able to trust them”.

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