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As if losing Bryce Harper for an extended period of time isn’t challenging enough for the Phillies, the team will also have to deal with not having a key member in at least the initial presentation rotation for the next two phases. weeks.

After dealing with right knee soreness in the last three games, Zach Evelyn was put on the injury list for 15 days on Tuesday.

“I’m in some pain,” said the right holder. “It’s very difficult to present the pitch.”

Left-hander Bailey Falter will take Evelyn’s place in the rotation and start Friday night against St. Louis. Velez will have to make a move to clear Walter’s place on the list before that start. Soccer player Oscar Mercado, who received exemptions from Cleveland on Monday, was added to the list in Evelyn’s place on Tuesday.

There’s no official timeline for Evelyn’s return, but the bowler seemed confident he could return soon after his time at IL ended.

“We’ll take five to seven days off and let her cool off,” Evelyn said. “Every fifth day is just kind of (pain) coming back again, so the thought process makes it calm down and go back to 100 percent instead of dealing with it for 10 or 15 starts. That’s the right decision. Instead of grinding through 10 or 15 starts, Take it away, so I’ll be fine the rest of the way.”

Evelyn’s confidence in a speedy recovery stems from the results of his MRI scans on Monday. He said an MRI showed no structural damage to the knee, particularly to the patellar tendon, which he surgically repaired in September. This current injury, he said, is a bruise in the “fat pad” below the knee. Evelyn was injured when he twisted his knee in a game on June 9 in Milwaukee.

While Harper’s broken thumb – he will have surgery on Wednesday and plans to return for the last month or so of the season – is a crushing blow for Phillies, Evelyn’s loss for any length of time is significant. Rotation at the start is one of the team’s strengths and there is a drop in experience and quality after fifth. Walter has made three starts with Velez this season, allowing 14 hits and six games in 12 rounds. He waived three of the house hurdles, walked four, and hit 10.

Director Rob Thompson hasn’t speculated how long Evelyn will be staying abroad.

“We have to get rid of the discomfort and pain from there,” he said. “Once the pain is gone, we’ll start to intensify it again, but who knows how long it will take for the pain to get out of there.”

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