Chinese father collapses after son who studied daily for a year scored 6/100 in math exam – Yahoo News

A Chinese father, who was said to have been studying his son daily for a year, went viral for bursting into tears after his son scored six out of 100 on a math exam.

The boy’s parents from Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, obtained his test score on June 23. And when the father learned that their son had only scored six points on his final math test. burst into tearsas seen in a video Posted to Weibo by Qilu Evening News.

“I don’t care anymore, my efforts are wasted, let him struggle alone!” The father is reported to have said.

He can be seen crying in the bedroom and wiping his eyes, while his wife can be heard laughing in the background.

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The man allegedly has been studying his child until midnight every day for the past year. His disappointment also stems from his son’s inconsistent test results. The child’s scores ranged between 40-50 points and 80-90 points in previous examinations, according to his mother.

The video went viral on Weibo, where many netizens sympathized with the father’s struggles in raising sons. However, others have argued that the child’s grades were a reflection of the father’s inability to teach mathematics. Some viewers also suggested that the father Late night private lessons It may have affected his son’s ability to pay attention at school.

One commenter: “Teach the kid in the middle of the night every day, but the kid needs a lot of rest in order to have a good mental state and perform well” He said. “The more nervous my daughter was when she was a child, the more her brain was able to think, so it would be a good idea to let her play.”

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