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On a Tuesday morning, Marianne Bess de Wolfe was working at TEFAF, the world’s preeminent fine art and antiquities fair, when she saw a group of men running through its corridors.

She said in a phone interview that it was a strange sight, as “nobody runs at TEFAF,” which is held annually in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Then, said Mrs. Pace-de-Wolf, things got even more awkward, as the men took out something heavy and “began to bash” a glass case in the next stall, which was owned by a London jeweler. symbolic and chase. Mrs. Besse de Wolf said she could not tell if the men had taken anything; After someone shouted that the thieves had a pistol, she ran away.

Several hours after the theft, it was not yet clear what the thieves had stolen. Dutch police He said in a press release That four men took jewelry, but did not give more information. It added that two men from Belgium have been arrested, and their possible involvement is being investigated, while the search for other people linked to the theft is still ongoing.

Wim Koenen, a Dutch police spokesman in Limburg, the area that covers Maastricht, said in a phone interview that he could not comment or say if any jewelry had been found.

A spokesperson for Symbolic & Chase declined to comment on the incident.

TEFAF, also known as the European Fine Art Gallery, is one of the world’s longest-running art galleries specializing in fine arts and antiquities. The current version, 35, opened on Saturday and runs through Thursday.

Happened this year Has 242 merchantsbetween them symbolic and chase. According to her Instagram feed, Symbolic & Chase had several items on display in the gallery, including diamond ringsAnd the Japanese inspired intricate gold bracelet.

TEFAF organizers have not stated that the show has been robbed on social media. in Share on Twitter They said the gallery was “temporarily evacuated due to an accident,” and “remains open to visitors and exhibitors.”

However, the events seemed more dramatic to the witnesses. British dealer James Patrick said over the phone that he was a few meters away from the theft when it happened. Mr. Patrick said he came out of another stall to see a man trying to smash a glass case.

Batterwick added, that a Dutch visitor in one of the exhibitions picked up a vase of flowers and tried to confront the thieves, but one of the thieves took out what appeared to be a pistol, and waved it in the face of the spectators. “It just got a little bit worse,” Patterwick said.

Mr. Patwick, whose account was Support the video Posted by robbery On social media, the event lasted about 30 seconds. He added that he did not see what the thieves had stolen, but that it seemed that they were “looking for specific things”.

Patrick said that when he entered the gallery, the security personnel at the entrance took a good look at you, and searched the bags, even though no one had to go through metal detectors or were petted.

He added that he had not seen any security guards confront the thieves. TEFAF said in an email statement on Tuesday afternoon that Dutch police were at the scene within minutes. “No one was injured during the accident,” the statement added.

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