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Philadelphia – As Freddy Freeman struggles to close the door on his iconic tenure of the brave, Matt Olson He had to deal with the pressure of being replaced in Atlanta. But as the season approaches midway through, he appears to be a worthy successor.

Olson scored his second multiplayer game in eight days and helped the braves claim 5-3 win over Velez Tuesday night at Citizens Bank Park. His decisive green light in eighth place added to the huge value he’s brought with his racket, gauntlet and personality since getting him first class in March.

“I think he knows he’s a huge part of the team on and off the field,” said Braves’ Charlie Morton. “He gives us a good presence at the club. He is a really valuable man everywhere.”

Olson was reminded of Freeman’s influence when the first base officer returned to Atlanta for the first time since signing with the Dodgers in March. He understood that. The 16-year-old was a Braves fan and living in Lilburn, Georgia, when Freeman began his 12-season stint with Atlanta in 2010.

But now that Freeman has moved on, it’s time for the Atlanta-area teens to get totally excited about Olson, who appreciated the comfort he’s felt since joining his hometown team. The 28-year-old first baseman is quiet and shy. But as shown in this opening series against the Phillies, he can make a huge impact on the field.

“These guys have been great from the start and he’s getting better,” Olson said. “I’m glad to be here.”

Since the Braves went 20-5 in June, they did Withdrew in four matches of the Mets that finished first in the Eastern National League and put themselves in one of the three Wild Card points in the NL. Atlanta’s bid to claim a second consecutive world title will improve if Olson builds on the two-home matches he scored on the past two Tuesdays.

Travis Darno and Olson teamed up to hit back-to-back Zack Wheeler crawlers in the first inning, and Morton went down in sixth after suffering a rocky first. Kyle Schwarber hit Homer a level off from Dylan Lee in the seventh inning, but Olson dealt the decisive blow with his eighth single shot from Andrew Bellati.

Each of Olson’s five 16 hits at bats at Citizens Bank Park was a home run.

“The ball here is very good compared to other places,” Olson said.

In fact, the ball has gone well for Olson throughout this entire season. The hit average .253 and .831 OPS he rounded up through 75 games might not jump off the page. But he tops the Majors with 29 doubles, and 41 more base wins just four times less than MLB’s leading Jose Ramirez’s total.

Olson’s 12 guards put him on track to reach 25 this year. Just a one-time raise may be enough to hit at least 29 players in the fourth consecutive season of 162 games. It’s also fast paced to score 62 doubles. Only six MLB players have hit 60 doubles, but no player has reached that mark since 1936.

As for the 41 extra base hits? Well, Olson is on his way to scoring 88 of those. The only Braves player to reach this total was Hank Aaron, who scored an additional 92 hits at base in 1959.

“I love him,” Morton said. “He’s a good guy and a great football player. It’s nice to see him succeed and all that. But really, I enjoy being his teammate all the time.”

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