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Galactica vs. Void!

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electric scissors Syzygy’s strength
Ordinary talisman card
[EFFECT] Send cards from the top of your deck to the cemetery equals [The number of monsters on your opponent’s field]. If you send a normal galactic monster to GY with this effect, you can choose one confrontation monster your opponent controls to lose 1,000 attacks until the end of the turn.

NB: A Syzygy is a conjunction or opposition, especially of the Moon with the Sun.

Galactica Rise Galactica Rise
Ordinary talisman card
[REQUIREMENT] If your opponent only controls monsters, you can activate that.
[EFFECT] You can choose 1 Galaxy Normal Monster in your GY and a special summons to your field. After that, you can send up to 3 monsters from your hand to GY. After that, the summoning monster of this effect gains 800 x attack [The number of monsters sent to the GY] until the end of the role.

Galactica lattice Galactica lattice
Ordinary trap card
[REQUIREMENT] When your normal or special opponent summons a monster, you can activate this.
[EFFECT] Change up to 3 normal Galaxy monsters you control into the attacking position for their defensive confrontation. After that, all the exposed defensive position monsters you control gain 500x [The number of Galaxy Normal Monsters you control] until the end of the role.

void lane void lane
Ordinary talisman card
[REQUIREMENT] If you have a DARK Galaxy monster in GY, you can send one card from your hand to GY to activate this.
[EFFECT] Choose 1 Galaxy DARK monster in your GY and add it to the hand.

invalid objection invalid objection
Ordinary trap card
[REQUIREMENT] If the only exposed monsters you control are dark galaxy monsters, then when your opponent summons one (or more) monsters, when your opponent summons a normal or special one (or more).
[EFFECT] Your opponent randomly sends one card from his hand to GY. Then, if your opponent has two or more cards in hand, your opponent can draw one card.


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