Mariners Moss Trails, 6/28/22: Carlos Santana, Sergio Romo, and O’Neil Cruz – Lookout Landing

  • The Mariners made a business deal with the Kansas City Royals to try to bolster the squad, and Carlos Santana acquired
  • Luis Torrens was reported injured in the shoulder in a scrap on Sunday, and Andrew Knapp has been called up to the club
  • Justin Upton shared his thoughts on the topic at Seattle Sports (710 a.m.)
  • Chris Rose and Trevor Plouffe highlight what has been particularly terrible about the owners’ actions, their thoughts on how MLB will respond, and why
  • MLB handed suspensions, all three Mariners intend to resume
  • Regarding Julio Rodriguez’s involvement in particular, or his lack of involvement:
  • Sunday’s Mariners-Angels brawl is far from the only scandal in Anaheim of recent times, as the Angel Stadium scandal continues to develop, this time with a grand jury Calling for Anaheim City Council for their lack of transparency
  • The Angels also made some moves on the roster, getting Dillon Thomas from concessions from the Houston Astros
  • Sergio Romo may soon have a landing point in Toronto
  • All Star coaches and coaches announced
  • Jordan Shusterman case making To extend Raphael Deaver with the Red Sox
  • Oneil Cruz went to the yard for the first time this season
  • There are some old names in baseball, but one group hopes to stand out in its own way:
  • The Seattle Mariners have some of the best fans in the league, and Sophie was a prime example of that, arranging for some Pizza to be delivered to Winker After he was fired on Sunday. But the story did not end there. Sophie also rallied fans to put together tips for delivery driver, Simranjeet, to make a friend in the process.

Then Simranjeet turned around and paid up front, and made a donation too

Lots of love and appreciation for Sofas World and Symrangets.

  • Good news for Seattle Kraken fans, as they are making an effort to make the games accessible to everyone for next season

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