Draymond Green ‘Pretty Certain’ Warriors Will Win 3 of 4 Upcoming NBA Championships – Bleacher Report

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Golden State Warriors striker Draymond Green said in a special live recording shared by JJ Redick The old man and the three podcast and Draymond Green Show He thinks Dubs will win three of the next four (43 seconds mark):

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.Tweet embed He has a message for the rest of the NBA 🗣

“We will win three of the next four tournaments.”

Watch the full interview when it drops at 8:30 ET: pic.twitter.com/SWTxdS7yEW

Green specifically stated that Stephen Curry “really locked up in the weight room” in 2019 “really changed the complexity of our organization,” leading to the Warriors being “absolutely sure” the Warriors would make more championship rounds.

Curry and the Green Warriors just finished off the Boston Celtics in six NBA Finals to win their fourth championship in eight years.

The Warriors are at least in good shape to be in contention for the championship in the short term. The Curry-Green-Klay Thompson trio have won four titles together, and with everyone finally healthy, it looks like the sky is the limit with a young team supporting their efforts.

Featuring a pair of superstar performers Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole alongside Jonathan Kuminga, a high prospect emerged this year and didn’t turn 20 until October.

The Warriors will also welcome back James Wiseman, the second overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft who averaged 11.5 points in 21.4 minutes during his rookie year before suffering a tear in his right meniscus in April 2021 that has kept him out of the NBA field ever since. .

However, Curry’s continued dominance eventually led to the success of the Warriors. He averaged 27.4 points per game in the playoffs, including 31.2 PPG-for-C in the NBA Finals. He received his first NBA Finals Most Valuable Player award after this performance.

The 13-year-old NBA veteran has a lot of stomping on his tires, especially considering the fact that he’s also played 134 playoffs during his career, but it looks like he has a lot left in the tank based on his post-season performance. With that said, the Warriors could have a second chapter of the tournament that runs through mid-2020.

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