NBA Free Agency: Pistons extend qualifying bid to third Marvin Bagley – Detroit Bad Boys

The Detroit Pistons made a qualifying bid of $7.2 million to Marvin Bagley III, making the Mega Man of the Year 4 a restricted free agent, According to the report From Keith Smith of Spotrac.

The move is largely cosmetic and much expected after the Pistons traded for a disgruntled and underused Bagley, the previous second overall pick for Sacramento Kings. Detroit ditched Trey Lyles, Josh Jackson, and two second-round picks in the deal. There was no chance Bagley would return to the Kings, so the Pistons to part with two small assets for him indicated they had a plan ready for Bagley after last season.

The only wrinkle in that obvious plan is the Pistons’ return to the sweepstakes NBA Draft The prospective center will be taken by Galen Doreen. Bagley works best as a small ball center and with Isaiah Stewart, Kelly Olynyk and now Duren on the roster already, center minutes should be few.

Of course, the Pistons also traded Jeramy Grant, so, at least for now, there’s a huge power gap forward Bagley could try to fill.

While negotiations with restricted free agents can sometimes take a long time as players look to field offers from other clubs that their current squad can decide to match, a new contract with Bagley must be drafted as Detroit’s first job order.

That’s because Bagley has a giant cap of $28 million courtesy of being the previous second general pick, and a new big man deal will be hammered out accordingly on an annual basis. There is also the possibility that the Pistons will continue to drop the qualifying bid and come to a new agreement, but this was more of a procedural step than anything else.

What appears to be Bagley’s next contract is hotly debated among Detroit Pistons fans. Based on his play on the field, he played like a $3 million player, per player John Hollinger Free proxy value ratingsbut there are those who think he could be paid north of $10 million per season.

The last time Pistons fans had those concerns was with Hamidou Diallo, a Detroit player who was traded ahead of his restricted free agency. The Pistons managed to re-sign Diallo with little fanfare to a two-year deal for $5.2 million a year with a team option. Also on Tuesday, it was reported that the Pistons exercised that option for Diallo.

Bagley might earn a bit more, but if I were to put on my reckless speculative hat, I’d expect something for Bagley up to two years $16 million or three years and $21 million with a player or mutual option flagged at the end. MB can go anywhere else if he starts to live up to his top draft status.

Once the Pistons close Bagley in a deal, assuming they are close to paying roughly $7 to $8 million, the Pistons should have the $25 million space to work with.

Oh, too, Smith, who reported the Bagley and Diallo news, has this interesting information to offer.

with the nicks Looking for several ways to get the maximum signing Jalen Brunson, Weaver is never shy about executing complex multi-team deals (remember the Bruce Brown trade evolved into Bruce Brown-Luke Kennard-six-player-six-Draft-pick, three -Team Splendor), this thing can become gigantic.

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