Archie Bradley closed for at least four weeks due to broken elbow – MLB trade rumors

loyal angels Archie Bradley He was put on the 15-day casualty list with a fractured elbow this evening. Coach Mike Frostad tells reporters (including Sam Bloom from Athletic And the Sarah Valenzuela from the Los Angeles Times) that he will be prohibited from throwing up completely for at least four weeks. Frostad estimated that it would take several months before he was able to return to the majors. Bradley suffered the injury during Sunday’s brawl between the Hallows and the Mariners, when he slipped in an attempt to climb over the dugout fence.

Signed to a $3.75 million guarantee over the holiday season, Bradley has appeared 21 times this year. He has a 4.82 ERA in 18 2/3 innings, hitting only 19.2% of hitters. It’s the second season in a row that he didn’t miss many at bats, but Bradley continued to take on high-impact roles late in the games. To his credit, the right-hander has caused two on-field hitters to have nearly three-fifths of his hits, a stellar rate that has allowed him to run at home only once all season.

Unfortunately, Halos will now be without a more reliable arm in the late game for the foreseeable future. An eventual move to the 60-day injured list appears inevitable, with the 29-year-old looking forward to a return in September at the earliest. This obviously won’t give him much time to prove himself right before he hits the open market again next winter.

The break also eliminates the possibility of Angels moving Bradley mid-season. Entering Tuesday’s play with a record 36-40, Halos could find itself dealing with short-term players before the August 2 trading deadline. Flipping Bradley wouldn’t have made a massive comeback, but there is likely to be some interest from other clubs given his hugely influential experience and high pitch figures.

Players on the injured list can still be traded, but it’s hard to imagine another team dealing with Bradley at this point. He appears unlikely to be available for more than the final month of the regular season, at best, and his status as an imminent free agent means there is no long-term upside in getting him for the rival club.

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