Another receiver on the NFL scale has seen his bank account grow off the season. Earlier today, ESPN’s Adam Schifter reported that Washington leaders are signing Terry McLaurin for a three-year extension worth up to $71 million in new money with a $53.2 million guarantee. That’s approximately $23.7 million annually in potential new cash and approximately $17.7 million in new secured money.

Meanwhile, everyone is still waiting to see how the San Francisco 49ers resolve their stand with their star wide, Debo Samuel. It hasn’t been long since he asked to be traded after watching several of his peers earn big paychecks in this off season. Many, including tight-lipped star George Kettle, are wondering if San Francisco would have saved some money and spared everyone significant media attention had there been more urgency for Samuel to sign a contract extension.

Samuel and McLaurin were part of the same 2019 draft class. The 49ers chose Samuel in the second round, while leaders chose McLaurin in the next round. McLaurin crossed 900 yards in each of the three NFL seasons and passed 1,000 yards in each of the past two seasons. Samuel had a remarkable year last season, scoring 1,405 yards as part of his 1,770 all-purpose yards.

While the drama between Samuel and the 49ers has been a great off-season story, Pro Football Network’s Aaron Wilson doesn’t think the situation is as dire as some have pointed out.

There is optimism surrounding a potentially huge deal As for Deebo Samuel, the San Francisco 49ers’ wide all-star receiver, league sources told Pro Football Network, “Wilson wrote before noting that Seattle Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf is also expected to become one of the highest-paid players in the game.

The 49ers wield clout. Samuel is still under contract for another season. Then the team can use the franchise tag if things don’t go as hoped. However, Plan A is likely to try to make everyone happy, pay Samuel what he deserves, and ensure his survival of Niner for the foreseeable future.