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Micahel Chiesa probably won’t approve of the latest social media exchange between Conor McGregor and Jorge Masvidal, because now, the mom is the subject of trash talk.

Usually, whenever a family is incorporated into the mix, things quickly turn ugly. However, this time around, Masvidal’s mother being the subject of discussion didn’t turn things south, but rather led to surprising respect.

In a recent interview with Fighting MMAMasvidal was asked if McGregor wanted to fight, and the response sparked the latest exchange between the two fighters.

“No, Connor doesn’t want to fight,” Masvidal said. “If he did, he would post something, he would say something, maybe he would insult my mother or one of my relatives, my nation, from where I come from, something like that.”

McGregor responded to the video clip from the interview, stating that Masvidal’s mother would not be the target of his speech.

“Insulting your mother?” McGregor wrote on Twitter. “What a loser my friend. Me and your mother are all along.”

More than an hour after McGregor left his response, Masvidal responded to the former UFC champ with a witty and perhaps sarcastic tone, agreeing that his mother actually loves McGregor.

Masvidal replied, “Yes, my mom loves you, man.” Twitter. “She knows you’re about to be my biggest paycheck and a relatively easy fight.”

McGregor has yet to compete since UFC 264, where he was I broke his leg In the triple fight against Dustin Poirier. Masvidal’s last fight was in March, a unanimous loss to Colby Covington.

In spite of Constant trash talk Among the fighters, there is no indication that the UFC is currently interested in booking the pair to fight.

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